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MLS Multiple Listing Service Areas Served in Indiana and IllinoisBy Owner Better with Mentor Listing Realty!

Serving Indiana and Illinois

•  List your home on your local REALTOR® owned Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

•  Pay no commission if you sell it yourself.

•  Pay ½ typical commission if sold by a REALTOR®.

For a single flat fee of $399, Mentor Listing Realty allows you to list your property on your local REALTOR® owned Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

Putting your home on the MLS makes it available to the hundreds of REALTORS® in your area, and the thousands of buyers they represent. Plus, your home will be listed on and many other national and local real estate web sites.

If a REALTOR® sells your property, you pay a commission to only the selling broker, usually ½ of a typical commission. And if you sell it yourself, you pay no commission!

We'll even take care of the flyers, for sale signs, and be there for advice if you need us!

What do you get when you list with Mentor Listing Realty?

  • Listing for 6 months on the REALTOR® owned MLS in your area.
  • Renew your listing for an additional 6 months for only $99.
  • Showcased listing on with six (6) photos.
  • Showcased listing on Web Portals with six (6) photos.
  • Click here to see some of our listings on
  • Listing on Microsoft real estate.
  • Listing on over 90 national real estate web sites.
  • Listing on the web sites of the REALTOR® members of your local MLS.
  • Change or cancel your listing at any time without a charge.
  • Unlimited information and status changes.
  • Six (6) photos on the MLS.
  • Unlimited open house listings on the MLS.
  • State disclosure forms and contracts.
  • Broker support and assistance.

To list your home now click here.

Mentor Listing Realty is not a referral service. We are a licensed real estate broker in Indiana and Illinois, a member of the local, state, and national Board of REALTORS®, and a participating member of the Multiple Listing Services in over 62 Indiana counties and 10 Illinois counties.

Indiana Illinois MLS Multiple Listing Service
MLS Indiana Illinois Listing

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